The Great Gasby Essay

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This essay will apply the concept of feminist critique with reference to the Great Gatsby by F.The Great Gatsby is an outstanding piece of classic American literature. Scott Fitzgerald discussed in it issues of post-war society, American dream, love, and wealth which draw the attention of the reading audience until today.Especially interesting is the question of whether the protagonist is even deserving of being called great or is the title ironical.Dan Cody, a silver mining millionaire, took young Gatsby aboard of his yacht and provided him with different jobs while they sailed around the continent. Now, we see that the bad influence of Cody and Wolfshiem, combined with Jay’s desire to be rich in order to win Daisy spurred him on to criminal activity and materialistic view of life.“We were close friends” (Fitzgerald 179).At that time Gatsby’s character began to take shape – he was approaching his dream – to belong to the upper class. This is how Nick describes his relationship with Gatsby at the end of the story. Nick agreed to help Gatsby arrange a meeting with Daisy and objected against Jay’s “support” in return; they had an intimate conversation about Daisy, and only Nick was privileged to hear a whole story of their relationship.Klipspringer cares more about his lost tennis shoes than Gatsby’s death.His parties were crowded but “no French bob touched Gatsby’s shoulder” (Fitzgerald 55).But if we probe a little deeper, we will see false illusions about Daisy, unlawful manner of business and egotism which isolated Jay Gatsby from other people. Read also other sample on our site – we have examples for other subjects as well.If a particular essay is difficult for you to write, than simply leave it to Essay Finally, he took the blame upon himself after she killed Myrtle Wilson in the car accident: “Was Daisy driving?” “Yes,’ he said after a moment, ‘but of course I’ll say I was” (Fitzgerald 154).


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