The Sniper Short Story Essay

How calm the Republican sniper is may also be important as it suggests that he is focused on the task at hand even though he has been injured.

He has most likely spent the day on the roof waiting for members of the Free State army never losing sight of what his aim is.

Not at least till the end of the story when we discover that a brother has killed a brother.

Something that would have been a common occurrence during the war.

The dangers may be catching a bullet, dying alone, hunger, or solitude.

Liam O'Flaherty brings theses issues to reality in "The Sniper." O'Flaherty suggests the horrors of war by presenting both its physical dangers and psychological dangers.If anything O’Flaherty doesn’t glamourous the Irish Civil War.At no stage does the reader feel as though the Republican sniper is anything but a soldier. O’Flaherty doesn’t give either character a personal backdrop.Even though the men respect each other they will still kill in order to win the war and the right to govern Ireland.It may also be ironic that though there is a sense of unity among both sides of the war, a unity of being a soldier, the primary goal of both sides is to kill the opposition. When he is injured not only does he attempt to clean his wound but he also pretends to be dead.It is also ironic that despite the survival of the Republican sniper it was the Free State army who won the war. There are various obstacles that soldiers must face while on the battlefield, Many of these are physical and psychological.It may also be significant that the Republican sniper respects the Free State sniper (his brother) as this suggests that despite both men fighting on opposite sides of the war some soldiers still had a connection of sorts with the other army.They had an understanding and respect for each other even though they were enemies.Where many would have run away after being wounded the sniper remains focused on killing the Free State sniper. At all times the Republican sniper and the Free State sniper have continued to be soldiers. Which suggests or highlights the intensity of the Irish Civil War.As previously mentioned both sides remain focused on their goal.


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