The Sound Of Music Critical Essay

At the abbey where Maria lives as a postulant, the reverend mother tires of the young woman’s troublesomeness, misbehaviors, and absconding from the abbey for midday musings in the neighboring valley.She sends her away to work as a governess at the nearby estate of naval Captain Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer), where he desperately needs help tending to seven children, whose mother passed away – and who have gone through twelve governesses already.They did not cross the mountains after the music festival, as the film portrays.

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Despite Von Trapp’s insistence on a rigorous behavioral regimen and subordination, Maria is determined to teach the children to be children, through the joys of singing, dancing, playing, and merriment – all the ingredients of blithe adolescence they so sorely lack.

When the captain returns from Vienna with romantic interest Baroness Schroeder (Eleanor Parker), he’s furious at his children’s rambunctiousness – until they sing for the noblewoman, bringing a cheer to the house that had been absent since the death of his wife.

Therefore, the story is essentially true, but the film took fictional license with much of the truth of the story.

In reality, the family lost all their money during the 1930s because of the Depression, and they began putting on musical shows around Europe as a way to earn money.

It is a heartwarming story that tells the story of the rise of Nazi power in Austria in the 1930s, and how one family coped with the historic and frightening events swirling around them.

The film tells the story of the Van Trapp family, an Austrian family made up of Captain Georg Ritter von Trapp, his seven children, and their governess.

Specifically it will discuss the music and theme of the film.

The Sound of Music is one of the most classic Hollywood musicals, and is still a family favorite today, even though it was first released in 1965 to movie theaters.

Incorrigible and impossible, they resort to rudely speaking out and hazing their new au pair; an initiation that the intelligent Maria twists around on them for a lesson in first impressions and contrition.

The eldest girl, sixteen-year-old Liesl (Charmian Carr), is in love with messenger Rolfe (Daniel Truhitte), who visits her in the garden after delivering telegrams to the captain – a union kept secret from the certainly disapproving father.


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