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When his aunt Sally enquires whether anyone injured or not. It clearly shows that he has not changed his attitude towards black people and not started giving respect to any colored people.Though Huck and Jim together for a while and Huck gets along time with Jim, but when it comes to another black person, Huck’s feeling are same as any other white man.

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Their main job is to move up and down the Mississippi river looking for towns to perform for and cheat people out of their money. That is Romeo and Juliet, King Richard’s sword flight and Hamlet’s Immoral Soliloquy.

Duke and King decide to go to a town and trick the people with their play. Mark Twain’s detractors say that he brings Shakespeare’s some of the best known play into his works because he can make fun of them.

Everybody knows it is due to their accent and Mark Twain uses the occasion to make fun of the way the French man talk, Huck informs Jim that English is not the only language spoken around the world.

Rather than accepting the new information Jim tells Huck there is no possible way in which there can be another language.

In this story Huck, a homeless boy, whose better impulses prevail over both selfishness and the negative forces of the time.

Huck is under the protection of a widow who tries to educate him and sends him to the school. “Huck represents natural life through his freedom of spirit, uncivilized ways, and desire to escape from civilization.

Moreover, when people read Mark Twain’s book and see how easily Shakespeare’s world renowned plays can be mocked at, they might think that Mark Twain is much better than Shakespeare. Aunt Sally then says “Well its lucky; because sometimes people do get hurt.” Twain, Mark. Moreover, Huck and Jim become close friends during their journey down the Mississippi river.

Mark Twain in his 32 chapter talks about a boating accident. But it doesn’t change Huck’s approach towards blacks.

Moreover, some of words which the author uses are intended to insult black people. For colored people , it is a horrible word to hear because ‘a nigger’ is lower than dirt. He just wants to depict Jim as a slave who is a good nigger.

Another instance from the story where racism is portrayed is when Jim and Huck wonder why Frenchman talk funny.


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