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After three months’ reading, I came to know that unsafe acts were a primary cause of construction accidents and creating a positive safety climate help hinder unsafe acts.

However, existing research rarely dealt with how to create a positive safety climate, which then I decided to investigate.

So, just enjoy your journey which finally leads you to somewhere you are longing for.

Health and safety at construction sites deals with both physical and psychological well being of workers on construction sites and other persons whose health is likely to be adversely affected by construction activities.

Statistics is the basic tool to deal with responses from questionnaire survey.

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How to do interview and content analysis is another topic you need to be familiarized with.As I had no industrial experience, I could not locate the practical issue.To compensate for that deficiency, I talked to industry practitioners and read through industry reports.This was the exact research approach I used in the Ph D thesis. But the most important thing is that, the research methods chosen are dependent on the research problem, rather than the other way around.In choosing and using research methods, I strongly suggest you talk to senior colleagues who have used similar research approaches. Reading and learning cannot be emphasized more during the Ph D journey. From February 2017 onward, I am a lecturer in Shanghai Normal University. Sue Sujuan ZHANG to present you how I survived my journey to Ph D. Rowlinson’s supervision I obtained Ph D degree from Department of Real Estate and Construction, The University of Hong Kong (HKU), in November 2013.In one word, the essential and most important task in pursuit of Ph D degree is to read, read, and read.Thesis writing is quite difficult, especially for non-native English speaker like me.Here I strongly suggest a book about Avoid using long sentences in the thesis and the reasons are twofold.First, it would be easy for you the author to check if there are logical errors.


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