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Support your claims by also providing evidence to statistics about the occurrence of deficiency disease in vegans than in non-vegans.

Moreover, you can include other risks that vegans face as a result of their lifestyle choices to give your vegan Essay more credibility.

You could also include other exciting facts about the trending vegan lifestyle.

Being vegan is both a healthy choice and good for the environment; you could include this in your vegan thesis.

To illustrate this, consider plant-based foods which miss several crucial nutrients.

This nutrient may be deficient or absent such as protein, iron, calcium, vitamin D among others.

As a result, your thesis evolves and gains definition when the reader gets a better sense of what your argument is about from the thesis statement.

Placing your thesis statement for vegan essay earlier in your essay is a good practice, right after the introduction, or maybe in the second paragraph of a long essay.

You can mention some of the reasons that drive people to become vegans.

For example, people become vegans for many reasons including health benefits, religious convictions, animal welfare concerns, and the use of antibiotics in livestock. For instance, provide the reader with statistics on the number of people who become vegans for their concerns over the use of environmental resources.


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