Thesis On Wireless Data Transfer

Thesis On Wireless Data Transfer-14
Almost all wireless communication takes place today over the radio waves.However, in recent years, the new radio-free data transmission technologies have been developed.Wireless communication has conquered the world in a few decades.

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Everyday appliances and devices can now be seamlessly connected to a control device – the most ubiquitous is your smartphone and this development is accelerating the growth of the Internet of things (Io T).

Research companies Cisco, Texas instruments and ABI Research project that some 30 billion to 50 billion devices will enter into the Io T ecosystem by 2020.

What this means is that Io T will have a tremendous impact on businesses, consumers and everyday life.

These newly connected devices will produce new types of data that will, in turn, produce new information and knowledge that enable a gain in business efficiencies and enhance customer and consumer satisfaction.

Various experimental development environments and test network have already been built.

Hybrid radio-optical wireless system, where the information is transferred seamlessly from network to network, is currently being tested.

Bluetooth® Smart is a new generation of Bluetooth connectivity with enhanced power efficiencies targeted at mobile battery-powered applications, yet retaining its ability to be backward-compatible with all other versions of legacy Bluetooth.

You can pair existing Bluetooth headsets with a new smartphone or tablet you already own or new Bluetooth headsets with older mobile devices.

Bluetooth capability can be found in almost every decent smartphone, tablet, wireless mp3 speaker and in-vehicle entertainment system to even household appliances like a rice cooker or refrigerator.

However, did you know that there are many versions of Bluetooth?


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