Thesis Paper On Smart Grid

Thesis Paper On Smart Grid-89
This information is applied to develop a customer engagement DR roadmap applicable to all utilities.Newer programs provide avenues for utilities with older metering systems to capture DR benefits and provide interested customers with the most important benefits of an AMI-based system.

Some of the papers projected in this work also give a brief overview of the necessity of the smart grid.

In recent years, research into the smart grid framework has accelerated, with improvements to telecommunication and computing infrastructure and an increase in the installation of renewable energy generators, both at transmission level and as distributed sources to power grids worldwide.

For example, programmable communicating thermostats that communicate with the utility via Wi Fi and the internet provide nearly all the functionality of AMI-based systems.

Interestingly, these programs can be extremely cost-effective with their ability to target high-value customers.

Many customer engagement programs can significantly boost returns by revisiting objectives and revising technology and program choices to more effectively match top down requirements and bottom up capabilities.

The Consortiums customer engagement DR roadmap includes four steps: 1.

Abstract: This white paper details the dramatic growth in residential solar PV systems and discusses utility operational and business model challenges associated with these technologies.

The paper describes factors that explain past and future growth in PV installations including forecasts from the Consortiums Utility Solar PV Forecasting Model that shows a 60 percent nationwide increase in residential solar PV over the next year-and-a-half.

Smart technologies when used in the traditional grid infrastructure will provide a different environment and working conditions in the grid by bringing the required smartness into the grid, called the smart grid.

The smart grid can play a major role in the upcoming days to come because there is a necessity to integrate coordinated renewable energy resources into the grid and to operate the grids at a higher efficiency considering many aspects including reliability of the supply.


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