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Support for #3: November 22, 1963 President Kennedy was in Dallas, Texas to smooth friction in the Democratic party Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy in the back and in the head.

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I feel that Harvard can give me a better background and a better liberal education than any other university.

I have always wanted to go there, as I have felt that it is not just another college, but is a university with something definite to offer.

” JFK responded with this short message, citing Harvard’s prestigious status, superior academics, and the legacy of his father attending the university in his answer.

The reasons that I have for wishing to go to Harvard are several.

His memory gives strength to the weak that any person no matter their race or faith can aspire to greatness.

Bibliography/Reference Section: ( 3 references required). Marine who embraced Marxism and defected, for a time, to the Soviet Union. On Sunday, November 24, 1963, two days after Kennedy’s assassination, Oswald was shot to death by Jack Ruby, a local nightclub owner with connections to the criminal underworld, in the basement of Dallas City Hall. Kennedy’s death also brought an abrupt end to his supporters’ sense of optimism about the country’s future, which had been fueled by his broad popularity. Kennedy was the most notorious political murder of the 20th century. The assassination and its aftermath played out through the newly dominant mass medium of television, which made it a uniquely immediate and shocking experience for many Americans.Of course, Kennedy was accepted and joined his older brother, Joe, at Harvard.At first, JFK was “not particularly devoted to academics,” according to Harvard’s website. on JFK’s Assassination: ‘We Were All Crying’ Kennedy is one of eight presidents who call Harvard their alma mater, making the college the top producer of future presidents. Hayes, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, George W. Johnson—undertook a two-day five-city trip to Texas. To present a show of unity, Kennedy decided to tour the state with both men. Kennedy, better known as the Warren Commission because it was headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren, investigated the assassination from November 1963 to September 1964. The trip was also likely intended as an attempt to help bring together a feuding Democratic Party in a state that was vital to Kennedy’s chances for reelection in 1964. The next morning, after making a speech in a parking lot in front of the hotel in which he had stayed and then speaking again at a Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce breakfast, Kennedy and his party made a short flight to Dallas’s Love Field airport.He was rushed to nearby Parkland Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at PM. Kennedy believed that his Republican opponent in the 1964 U. Another bullet struck Kennedy in the back of the head.His accused killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, was arrested at PM. The motorcade rushed to nearby Parkland Memorial Hospital, reaching it quickly; however, doctors’ efforts were futile. A special President’s Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Almost from the beginning, the killing of the popular young president was thought by many Americans to have been the result of a conspiracy rather than the act of an individual, despite findings to the contrary by the On November 21, 1963, President Kennedy—accompanied by his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Vice President Johnson—undertook a two-day, five-city fund-raising trip to Texas. ambassador to the United Nations and a liberal icon, had been confronted by highly agitated protesters a month earlier during a visit to Dallas—a city with a right-leaning press and the locus of much anti-Kennedy feeling—the president was warmly welcomed at his first two stops, San Antonio and Houston, as well as at Fort Worth, where the presidential party spent the night of November 21.The first sentence or two of your first paragraph set the tone for the entire piece.Here are some ideas for a strong start: Whichever approach you decide to use to begin your essay, keep in mind that it's very helpful to you and to the reader to directly state your clear and well-developed thesis in the introduction (see our page on thesis statements).


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