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Complete the following self-inventory by brainstorming as many items as you can for each category.

Think about anything you know, find interesting, or are involved in which relates to the topics below.

Try to write in just one sentence exactly what you are going to do.

Your next key consideration is the amount of time in which you intend to accomplish your purpose.

Make sure you keep track of who likes which category.

Mark Twain makes a valid point that presentations require preparation.It may be that you are part of a team developing a sales presentation, preparing to meet with a specific client in a one-on-one meeting, or even setting up a teleconference.Your first response may be that a meeting is not a speech, but your part of the conversation has a lot in common with a formal presentation.Then ask a friend what they would be most interested in hearing about.Ask more than one friend, and keep score of which item attracts the most attention.Once you have determined your general purpose—or had it determined for you, if this is an assigned speech—you will still need to write your specific purpose.What specifically are you going to inform, persuade, demonstrate, or entertain your audience with? A clear goal makes it much easier to develop an effective speech.If you have the luxury of time to prepare, take full advantage of it.Speeches don’t always happen when or how we envision them.Building on the general and specific purpose statements you formulate, you will create an outline for your oral presentation.Through this chapter, you will become more knowledgeable about the process of creating a speech and gain confidence in your organizational abilities.


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