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In academic journals, writing is so dense as to be unreadable at more than 7 letters per word., by James V. (new from my colleagues at Writer’s Digest Books), which is filled with bite-sized bits of info that might just make a big difference in your work. It is a momentary lack of anything to say that gives rise to the fear that you have nothing more to say—ever. Coming to the end of speech can be a moment of blessed silence, and ought to be welcomed when it comes rather than featured. If you’re one of those writers who struggles with finding time to write, here are some convincing reasons why this approach might work for you: , by Rosanne Bane, forthcoming from Tarcher/Penguin later this summer. Don’t abandon your other passions to focus on writing.

It isn’t the lack of something to say or write at the moment that is the problem, but the fear generated by the story that this present quiet will extend through the rest of your life.”, by Rami Shapiro and Aaron Shapiro (coming next month from Skylight Paths Publishing). I find this tip especially helpful in the summertime, when the kid in me wants to play outside.

When you feel good inside, you are open to creative energy.

Because the success of your entire marketing strategy hangs on your ability to apply creativity and innovation in ways that will save you both time and money.

Each one is filled with new tips on improving how you think about your work … Other samples I analyzed for comparison averaged about a full character more.

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perfect for a seasonal shift in whatever kind of writing you do. In the worst corporate writing samples I studied, it’s common for samples to average more than 6 characters per word. I’ve never heard anyone define it in quite this way before: “Writer’s block is real but intangible.

Creativity in writing is an important first step, whether you’re blogging, tweeting, or writing a client proposal.

But, like dropping a pebble into a pond, once you develop the ability to turn on your creative juices, the impact will spread to other parts of your work life and to the people you work with.

The first long weekend of cookouts, swimming and 90-degree days is behind us here in the Midwest, which can mean only one thing: The unofficial start of summer.

New seasons have a way of bringing about change just when things are getting stale—an apt metaphor for both writing and life.


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