Tomorrow When The War Began Essay About Homer

At the same time, while there is little attention paid to a precise chronology, we also get a sense that a lot of time is going by; this war is dragging on and on, without anything changing very much (other than people being killed).

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The poem gives us no detailed sense of how the war started (either the short-term cause of Paris’ and Helen’s elopement or the long-term causes in the wedding of Thetis and Peleus and the Judgment of Paris), nor are many of the most famous incidents in the opening or closing stages of the war given any attention (for example, the sacrifice of Iphigeneia, the recruitment of Odysseus and Achilles, the abandonment of Philoctetes, the Trojan Horse, and the fall of Troy, among many others).

There are many references to the fact that Troy will eventually fall, but no details are provided.

But one searches the focuses on few weeks in the tenth year of the war.

The action covers considerably less time than that, of course, because there are some major gaps (e.g., the nine days’ plague in Book 1, the twelve-day wait for Zeus, the twelve-day maltreatment of Hector’s corpse), and the focus is almost exclusively on what is going on in that relatively short time. Events move quickly from one battlefield experience to another—there is lots of exciting action.

These warriors are doing what they have always been doing and what they will continue to do (a sense that is strongly reinforced, as we shall see, by their memories of the past and their hopes for the future).

There has been no clear beginning to all this, and there will be no clear end.This is exactly what John Marsden, the author, tried to make clear in the novel.The novel is about 7 teenagers that were forced to live in the bush because of the invaders that took over their country.After all, warfare, particularly the Trojan War, can be and has been used to develop an astonishingly wide range of the different stories—dramatic adventures, chivalric tales, amusing satires, bitter social commentaries, historical epics, various styles of comedy, romance, and so on, often in combination.For war is a very fecund basis for all sorts of different tales, as one might expect, given that it includes so many narrative possibilities.First-time readers of the Iliad who have some familiarity with details of the famous narrative frequently comment, often with a sense of disappointment, on how few such incidents are included here.One would think that any poet interested in holding his audience’s attention with some exciting narrative events would make much better use of at least some of these.In fact, the Iliad is our oldest, most famous, and most enduring story about men in battle.So one might well begin by exploring certain features of this particular war narrative.They had to gather up a great deal of courage to be able to carry out their task because it isn't very easy to risk your life by sneaking into a war zone surrounded by armies of soldiers and taking the chance of getting shot.When the teenagers were planing to take Lee into town, Homer made it clear to everyone that they have to maintain their courage by saying 'we're not going to be safe anywhere, any time, until this war is over'.


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