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An article titled, "Tupac Is Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why it's probably not true: Even TMZ, who released the photos, could not confirm that Tupac is the man in the pictures.

Tupac Amaru Shakur, arguably the most talented man of the 1990's, was born on June 16, 1971 in New York.

In "I Get Around,"(2pac) Tupac says, "There's a lot of real G's doing time/Because a groupie bit the truth and told a lie." Less than 2 years later, a woman that 2pac had been intimate with accused him of sodomy and other sexual assaults.

After being conspired against by several members of his record label and the government, Tupac was found guilty and sentenced to ten years in jail.

The government, afraid of the power that Shakur had grown to, tried to force his demise.

Much like Jesus Christ, he was handed over to the autho...Tupac explains how the situation of blacks in America has become bleak and why it is so difficult to change the situation African Americans today living in the inner city, live in re-occurring violence and have endured this type of lifestyle for decades.This societal problem affected Tupac through out his life in a negative way.Fortunately, he was released after Death Row Records owner Suge Knight paid million for his release.(Hitemup.com) 2pac must have been conspired against by the government for the simple fact that no one can buy his freedom the way that he did.Suge Knight's son, Suge Knight Jr., released photos of a man he claims is Tupac in present day.The person in the photos bears a striking resemblance to the rapper, and Knight Jr.In fact, 2pac's life is so remarkable that one must raise the red flag and question just how one man could do what he did.Many theories or arguments can be made, but the simplest is most likely the answer: Tupac Shakur was a god, a messenger of God, or was at least closer to holiness than any other human being.writes in the caption, "They fooled you guys the first time but yall he has been here! claims Tupac has been living in Malaysia to presumably hide from the limelight and the threat of rivals. Why it's probably not true: According to British tabloid A video posted on You Tube that has over 3 million views claims to show Tupac joking with Suge Knight in Cuba in 2004.In the 1990s, Tupac was involved in the most heated and dangerous feud in hip-hop history between the East Coast and West Coast rappers that allegedly claimed the lives of both Tupac and The Notorious B. Why it's probably not true: There is no proof this video was actually taken in 2004.


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