Under The Feet Of Jesus Ap Essay

Under The Feet Of Jesus Ap Essay-2
Sweeping, picturesque, luminescent California landscapes starkly contrast the oppressive life of Perfecto Flores in Helena Maria Viramontes’ captivating novel .Perfecto Flores lives the unfortunate existence of a migrant worker.He has accepted her five children as well, including the eldest Estrella, our beautiful and moving protagonist.

Under The Feet Of Jesus Ap Essay

One can only hope, Perfecto, toolbox in hand, decided to remain with this newfound family.Perfecto’s coming of age moment comes surprisingly from his thirteen year old stepdaughter, Estrella.After a confrontation, in a less than adequate medical clinic, Estrella makes a dramatic, violent yet understandable, choice to save her dying boyfriend, Alejo.Ray was constantly abused as a child and subconsciously chose to continue the cycle of brutality, thrusting it like a tornado upon his own flesh and blood.“His dreams were mostly painful, the meanness of the past, his own meanness and the hardness of his own life.” (62).Consequently, in that way, we are always coming of age, always-losing innocence, gaining understanding, and always discovering new truths about ourselves, emotionally, intellectually, and sexually.Coming of age is the act of experiencing a definitive shift in one’s perspective, a greater realization of one’s place in the world, and a further understanding of how personal actions and reactions are integrally linked.His entire life has been painstakingly dedicated to “picking the food for other people to eat,” (Helena Maria Viramontes, quote).Pefecto, in his late sixties, has also taken on much more than his younger lover Petra.(83)He had never truly felt worthy or appreciated and longed to go back to a life and lost love in his native Mexico.“The desire to return home was now a tumor lodged under the muscle of Perfecto’s heart.” (82).


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