Unfranchise Business Plan

Let me know if you spot any other contradictions, lies, or deceptive tactics!

More people need to be aware of how predatory this company is (and of course MLMs in general).

If you are talking about “placing people below you” or “BV flowing up”, there are definitely levels, you can’t hide from that. They claim that they are better than other MLMs or direct sales businesses because they use “vertical marketing” instead of the inferior, pyramid-shaped “horizontal marketing”, while conveniently obscuring the fact that the end result in their “vertical marketing” paradigm is also a pyramid. Also, they like to boast about the fact that everyone in the organization gets 100% credit for the BV and IBV someone in the downline earns, and this is what makes them different from other compensation plans…duh. It’s basically like saying “you get 100% of what you get”.

JR Ridinger also calls this the “binomial system”, which means that each person only has two people under them, and then those two people have to find two people, and so on (and guess what? Red Flag #5: The business seems to be both “really easy” and “requires a lot of time and effort to be successful”.

A search for “shopping annuity” immediately brought up Market America.

You may have heard of it from John Oliver’s segment on MLMs, MA is one with the crazy guy coming out with pyrotechnics and jumping around yelling about Dymarips (pyramid backwards) and yelling at a cardboard grave. why WOULDN’T you want to make money off of what you’re already spending?

Just a little background, Market America is an MLM that has been around for over 25 years, and started by JR and Loren Ridinger (JR Ridinger was previously involved in Amway). They have Youtube videos of their conferences from about the last 5 years or so, and I have watched all of them (I usually multi-task at the same time, I’m not insane! And the following is a list of observations that I’ve come up with, that I hope may enlighten others. “convert your spending into earning” is more like “convert your spending into more spending.” At the national conferences (MAIC and MAWC), MA shills hop around on the stage insisting you have nothing to lose, because “you’re spending money on it anyways”, then yell “do you get it? ” What they conveniently don’t highlight is the fact that they advertise hundreds of other products that you DON’T currently buy, but will ABSOLUTELY NEED in your life, and people eat it up.

They also own (purchased from Microsoft in 2010) and the business is really a collection of market areas: They call it the “Unfranchise” business, because (they claim) it’s like a franchise, but without all the negative things that come with a franchise (like high franchise fees, risk, etc). In addition, there’s the 9 startup fee, annual renewal fee, monthly maintenance fees, required business volume (BV) purchases, recruiting materials, conference/travel fees, training fees, and more. #worthit From Wikipedia: Market America distributors are eligible to earn money from product sales commissions and recruiting new members to their sales team.

I could talk so much more about this but maybe I’ll save it for another time.tl;dr: Market America is no different than the other MLM companies.

Their own marketing materials are full of deceptive tactics and contradictions if you are really paying attention.


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