What Do I Write In My Personal Statement On My Cv

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With over 15 years’ experience in the game, Steph has enjoyed a hugely successful footballing career to date.” Next, you must outline your key skills and evidence your key achievements which set you apart from the competition.It is important that you keep this section relevant by identifying the desired skills and attributes outlined in the job description, and by ensuring that the skills highlighted in your personal statement mirror them.For example, you could explain your final year projects, interests, or gap year experience in more detail, and this additional information could give the recruiter a clearer sense of your strengths and what motivates you.

As you can see from the below example, Steph gets straight to these facts in her introduction, while at the same time, avoiding clichés and vague information.

This makes for a clear and strong opening statement: “Steph Houghton is the Captain of both Manchester City Women’s team and the Women’s National Team.

The structure of your personal statement can be broken down into three parts, as outlined below.

By being aware of this structure and what should be included in each section of your personal statement, you can be sure to include all the key information the hiring manager or recruiter is looking for, whilst telling your career story in a concise way.

The rest of the application will have to work hard to convince us that they really do want an internship in editorial.

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The truth of the matter is that graduates should remove their personal statements and instead focus on fleshing out the other sections of their CV.By and large, graduates in their early 20s who are trying to get their ‘first proper job’ don't have the necessary range of experience or knowledge to write an impressive personal statement – a careers adviser tells us that in four years of reviewing students’ CVs, he has seen fewer than ten good statements.Graduates’ personal statements usually sound bland – and one is very much like another’s.To do this, you need to steer clear of anything like: ‘I want to take on new challenges and progress in my chosen career.’ Instead, consider the specifics of the career sector.For example, if a civil engineer was very clear that they wanted to work in the water sector at a consultancy, an example of a good opening sentence would be: ‘A civil engineering graduate with experience of working for a contractor and a consultancy seeks a graduate role with a consultancy in its water division.’ This career goal is very specific and clearly articulated – and by highlighting that they’ve done work experience with both types of construction organisation, they are telling recruiters that they’ve made a considered career choice.Some graduate recruiters may even find generic personal statements irritating and off-putting.Personal statements/career aims are intended to concisely: These statements are best suited to more senior people already on the career ladder.If, however, the civil engineer was posting to a jobs board and wanted to attract a greater number of employers and wasn't fussy about the division they worked in, they shouldn't state their career aim so starkly, but should instead highlight their final-year project and industry-related work experience.Your personal statement is basically your sales or elevator pitch on paper.It is the first thing a hiring manager will read on your CV, and will, therefore, have a huge bearing on whether they choose to read on and ultimately invite you for an interview.Most job seekers are well aware of the power of a strong personal statement, and as such, many get writer’s block.


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