What Is A Business Contingency Plan

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Don't let your customers wonder if you are open or not when disaster strikes - a quick post on Facebook can keep them up to date.

It's easy to put off business continuity planning.

Who's responsible for checking to see that everyone is out safely?

If something happened at your business, who would be responsible for notifying each person who works there?

Besides other obvious physical disasters such as flooding or wind damage, consider the damage that could result from theft, for instance.

And then there's the potential liability factor if your small business is engaged in activities that might open you up to lawsuits.I had just finished eating an organic, vegetarian burrito when I started getting these sharp pains in the lower right side of my abdomen.Initially, I thought it was gas pains from my lunch, but, hours later it was still there.For example, one gallon of water per person per day is one of the recommended supplies on this list of emergency supplies for the retail store. If it was stolen or destroyed, would your business be able to quickly get up and running again or even carry on at all?3 Steps to Successful Data Backup explains how you can get the peace of mind of knowing your business data is protected and will be accessible again quickly.Taking the time to put together a business continuity plan will help ensure that your business is able to resume operations in the shortest possible time. But don't forget about growing risks that are often overlooked by small businesses such as cyber attacks, hacker activity, and sabotage.Decide what would be absolutely essential for your small business to start operating again if a business disaster closed you down and take steps to ensure that those essentials would be available quickly. What equipment do you need to continue to produce and deliver your critical products and/or services?Taking the time to prepare a business continuity plan will have a huge payoff if a disaster ever strikes.By Christy Schutz Last Thursday I had my appendix removed.Coordinated emergency plans are especially important for businesses that share adjacent space such as those in strip malls or along city streets.Your city, town or Business In Action Committee may have contingency plans/disaster response plans in place or provide resources that will make it easier for you to put your own plan together.


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