What Is Planning In Business Management

Single-use plans are those plans that are intended to be used only once.

They include activities that would not be repeated and often have an expiration.

Essentially, strategic plans look ahead to where the organization wants to be in three, five, even ten years.

Strategic plans, provided by top-level managers, serve as the framework for lower-level planning. As a top-level manager, Tommy must use strategic planning to ensure the long-term goals of the organization are reached.

They are created with the intent to be used several times and undergo changes when necessary.

Outlining an employee's performance goals for the year would be considered an ongoing plan that Frank must develop, assess and update, if necessary.

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Operational plans sit at the bottom of the totem pole; they are the plans that are made by frontline, or low-level, managers.

All operational plans are focused on the specific procedures and processes that occur within the lowest levels of the organization.


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