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In the war for indigenous freedom, the Fremen may have won the land – but the cultural sacrifices they made to get there make the victory meaningless.

In the war for indigenous freedom, the Fremen may have won the land – but the cultural sacrifices they made to get there make the victory meaningless.

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Yet to accomplish this task, the Fremen must allow their traditional culture to erode – something the Quileute refused to do.

Ultimately, this paper finds fault with Herbert’s portrayal of indigenous culture, and argues that while the Quileute preserve their tribal identity the Fremen sacrifice theirs to obtain land that no longer has cultural significance.

As a result, in recategorizing news, I demonstrate the dynamic relationship between newscasters and their audiences and the role genre plays in connecting them.

Sarah Cate Baker When Violence is the ‘Answer’: Pathways to Indigenous Freedom in Frank Herbert’s Dune and the Pacific Northwest’s Quileute Directed by Laura Dassow Walls Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel Dune is known worldwide as an iconic work of science fiction.

The discussion revolves around three key scenes and chapters—“The House of Tom Bombadil,” “The Scouring of the Shire,” and the arrival of the broken Fellowship at Edoras, part of “The King of the Golden Hall”—and explores the structure, tools, plot, and inherent abilities of the story in each medium, arriving at the conclusion that, though successful in its elicitation of detail, the film trilogy ultimately falls short of creating a true secondary world due to the more economical screenplay format and, as Tolkien describes it, its mimetic nature.

Benjamin Easton “A Web of Sense”: Narrative Structure and Aesthetic Import in Vladimir Nabokov’s Directed by Kate Marshall Emily Garrett Dear Cincinnatus C.: A Gendered Reading of Vladimir Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading Directed by Cyraina Johnson-Roullier This senior thesis examines Vladimir Nabokov’s novel, Invitation to a Beheading, through a critical gendered lens in order to show how the story relies on a strict adherence to traditional gender norms and a patriarchal power structure in order to most fully oppress the main protagonist, Cincinnatus C..

The Fremen were inspired by a real-world indigenous tribe, the Quileute of the Pacific Northwest, a fact that is largely unknown.

For most of his life Frank Herbert was close friends with Quileute Howard Hansen, author of his own novel on Quileute culture and philosophy, Twilight on the Thunderbird.

In Dune, galactic politics collide with environmentalism in a battle for the planet Arrakis.

Key within this framework are the Fremen, Arrakis’ indigenous tribe.


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