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DO NOT PAY THE ENTIRE SUM TO ANY TUTOR OR HOMEWORK HELP SERVICE!! Also, credit card companies usually do not refund for services not rendered, they only do that for goods (like not getting something your ordered in the mail.) Be smart and know the tutor you are dealing with -- call them, speak to them. If you need help from me, my number is 918-850-5925 (Tulsa, OK) and my name is David Roth. Screen capture is often the preferred method because if your website questions have a lot of graphics, "copy and paste" will not work because Microsoft just hasn't figured out how to copy a webpage into MS Word so that all the graphics get included.

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If your class is one of those that are entirely online -- even the exams! Some students give out their login names and passwords to tutors or homework help services and ask them to take the class for them. In fact I've known students to be ripped off by these homework help services and if the student tries to get their money back, the "tutor" threatens to tell the student's university!

Also, if a website administrator sees that the login IP address came from India or even from a state or province far from where you live, you can get caught!

I can do them, generally, but I have to bust out the paper and the textbook, then fill in around them and fill it out, and THEN translate that to the website. And even though they are numbered like 5-7b don't think you can look it up in the textbook because they changed the figures.

Oh well.""Here put this report into proper format" I don't know what it is about those "format this shit" problems, but I have some strange mental block about them. I'm not going to print out the problems, so I have to scroll around to see the different provided figures, its like wheres waldo.

If your homework is online you can either use "copy and paste" or a screen capture.

See details here for screen captures: Copying Questions for Homework Help.The quick and easy way around this is to take a picture with your phone. If your school makes you use a secure browser (Like Respondus Lockdown Browser) when doing your online work so that you cannot Google or email or chat with a tutor, then you might need to use a 2nd computer.You might be able to take a picture of the exam questions on your computer with a camera and then text or email the pictures to a tutor.For example: suppose you are searching for an answer to this question...How long does it take for a car traveling at a speed of 50.0 miles per hour to travel 300 feet?Or you could try a copy shop like Kinko's or something (although Kinko's is overpriced and if you can find a small independent copy shop you'll likely get a better deal).Save your file as a pdf or jpg, but make sure the file isn't too large. Emails don't usually handle file sizes of more than 4 or 5 megabytes.Sometimes the words of the question might stay the same, but the numerical values might change.For example the 50.0 miles per hour in the question above might be switched to 55.0 miles per hour, so you might try a search for only the text part in double quotes.So to keep an information in your question from being lost (like graphics getting dropped when you do a cut and paste) and to make sure MS Word doesn't get hung up on the tables, doing a screen capture is often your best bet! If this is the case it's likely that the online class website designers know how to block this command.However there are screen capture programs made that can override this. You just have to know how to outsmart the computer.


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