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Such a mental model could not possibly be further from the cognitive truth.And this mistaken mental model can be damaging to our scholarly productivity.

Such a mental model could not possibly be further from the cognitive truth.And this mistaken mental model can be damaging to our scholarly productivity.

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Then, of course, the writing must be revised, many times.

Sometimes we need to write something that will not go into our final, finished piece of writing, in order to get — so to speak — to the writing that will eventually circulate to readers.

Unlike many of our professional tasks, it can be maddeningly impossible to predict the time we need to complete a particular writing task.

Some days the discoveries and words roll out, and on other days they must be wrenched forth.

For example, in my own work, I find myself constantly asking a “so what?

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” question, wondering why the phenomenon I’m looking into matters, wondering why fellow experts, or anybody, should care.Empirical research overwhelmingly shows that we learn and synthesize new information and connections during the actual act of writing, no matter how much we may think we already know what we want to say when we actually sit down to write.Too often though we are taught, wrongly, that writing is only a physical act, the mere transcription of ideas already hatched and thought through.Now that we live in different cities, it is a little harder for us to hold one another’s feet to the fire, as we had in the past.Much of our conversation focused on writing, and how much writing has to be done in order to complete even an article of modest length.A paragraph allows you to introduce, discuss, and conclude an idea in a “single package”, which makes the reader’s job as easy as it can get.I like to visualize the optimal paragraph structure as a hamburger: The first sentence — the topic sentence — should contain the main point or introduce the topic of the paragraph.I still need to write the narrative in order to launch myself into the larger research and writing task at hand, but experience has taught me to lop off the unnecessary and personal narrative before I begin circulating my draft to journals.This is the definition of writing to not print, and a relatively trivial example of how it can help us reach a larger task.As a result, I frequently find, particularly when beginning a project, that I have to write a brief narrative of how I came to be interested in the topic, of why it matters to me.When I was a less experienced scholar, I thought that such narratives could be part of an introduction. Such narratives do not engage the scholarly conversations that make an individual piece of scholarship relevant.


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