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[tags: Management, Theory X and theory Y] - The multiple intelligence theory is based on eight different intelligences which reflect a person 's intellectual ability.

This model of intelligence challenges other theories such as the General Intelligence Theory created by Charles Spearman.

[tags: Alfred Adler, Psychology, Theory, Psychotherapy] - “Critical Theory is a theory seeking emancipation and change in a dominant social order” (Baran & Davis, 2012).

Critical theory is a social theory that deals with different aspects of society.

Spearman’s theory focuses on a person 's ability to perform efficiently while being tested as well as their general cognitive capability.

The MI theory differs due to the fact that it explores how test scores are not necessarily accurate representations of the amount of knowledge a person possesses because it has been demonstrated through this theory and experimental research that human beings are not necessarily less intellectually capable if they do...There is a link between mental illness, personality disorders and crime (Siegel, 2014).The second theory is the Choice theory which “criminals weigh the cost and benefits and make a conscious, rational choice to commit crime” (Siegel, 2014)....However, after reviewing the theories in the book and engaging in some introspection and self-exploration, I have chosen Adlerian theory as my guiding theory.This theory fits well with my personality and is consistent with my beliefs about human nature, personality development, the change process, the focus of the session and the qualities a counselor should have....[tags: choice, crime, benefits, theory] - Nursing Theory Analysis Paper Nursing theory and research are integral aspects to improving and promoting nursing practice.These theories exist as grand theories and middle-range theories.[tags: Decision theory, Decision making, Cognition] - Throughout the process of this class we have covered many theoretical perspectives.Within each theory there were aspects that I agreed and disagreed on.It tends to critique cultures that include: media, advertising and consumer culture.Moreover, Critical theory is also used to study how education is dealt with using information technology and it also concentrates on social relationships that are social, political and economic.


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