Writing Center Research Paper

Some high schools have successfully created writing centers similar to the model in higher education.

In many cases, writing center directors or writing program administrators (WPAs) are responsible for conducting writing center assessment, and must communicate these results to academic administration and various stakeholders.

Below is a list of selected presentations and publications by Writing Center staff during the last several years.

Much of this work is directly related to writing center theory and practice. “Writing Centers are Great, Just Not for My Students: The Dilemma of High School Writing Centers.” Northeast Writing Centers Association 2016 Conference.

Formats may include one-on-one tutoring, group tutoring, and workshop settings.

Some services include drop-in, appointment, and weekly services.

Historically, writing centers in American universities began appearing as "writing labs" in the early 20th century.

Elizabeth Boquet and Stephen North point to the origins of the writing laboratory as first a method, not a place, where "the key characteristic of which appears to have been that all work was to be done during class time".

“On the Margin of the Margin: Embodying Physical Disability in the Writing Center as a Writing Tutor and Teaching Fellow.” Northeast Writing Centers Association Conference, April 2017. “The Disabled Body in the Public Sphere of the Writing Center.” Northeast Writing Center Association 2016 Conference. “Getting the (Creative) Word Out: Creating Connections with Creative Writers in Writing Centers at the University and High School Level.” Northeast Writing Center Association Annual Conference, Amherst, New Hampshire, April 2006. “Thriving Transplants: High School Tutors and Their Transition to College.” Northeast Writing Center Association 2011 Conference, Manchester, NH.

“Cella, Laurie, Tess Bird, Kellan Chatelain, Dajemie Rodrigues, Gabrielle Wilmont and Anna Vu. “Practical Approaches to Tutoring Philosophies.” Northeast Writing Center Association 2012 Conference.


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