Writing Propositions Thesis

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First of all, it is possible to express a proposition using any kind of grammatical construction.

Interrogative, optative, or exclamatory sentences, for example, can, with appropriate contextual stage setting, be used to express propositions.

Your readers must know what your position is and must see that you have supported your main idea with convincing minor points." (Gilbert H. Wiener, "Debate is the process of presenting arguments for or against a proposition.

Propositions for which people argue are controversial and have one or more individuals presenting the case for the proposition while others present the case against it."An argument is any group of propositions where one proposition is claimed to follow from the others, and where the others are treated as furnishing grounds or support for the truth of the one. This means that a good thesis is crucial to your essay.An argument is not a mere collection of propositions, but a group with a particular, rather formal, structure. For argumentative or persuasive essays, the thesis is sometimes called a , or a claim.We use logic every day to figure out test questions, plan our budgets, and decide who to date. We borrow from the vocabulary of logic when we say, "Brilliant deduction" or even "I don't want to argue about it." In the study of logic, however, each of these terms has a specific definition, and we must be clear on these if we are to communicate. One such set is the following: Other sets of statements written by this author follow. " "Why do you ask such a question," I said, "when you ought rather to be answering? As a result of a quarrel during the course of the game, one of these men shot and killed another. To draw a conclusion from each set of statements, first arrange the statements in logical order. " "Because she leaves you to snivel, and never wipes your nose: she has not even taught you to know the shepherd from the sheep." 8. Therefore if you allow your physician to ease your pain with an opiate, you will become a hopeless drug addict. You can't prove that he was to blame for the misfortune, so it must actually have been someone else who was responsible. From the facts below determine the murder and the victim. Five men are in a poker game: Brown, Perkins, Turner, Jones, and Reilly. In the book it is one of several between-chapter articles that add interest and provike thought on subjects related to the topics discussed in the text. Consider the two statements: We say that the third statement follows logically from the other two. This document is part of a collection of instructional materials used in the Purdue University Writing Lab. The on-line version is part of OWL (On-line Writing Lab), a project of the Purdue University Writing Lab, funded by the School of Liberal Arts at Purdue.


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